Terms and Conditions of Orders

Q.: Why is DrawMe so highly regarded?
A.: From start to finish you deal with me directly...someone you can pick up the phone and speak directly with and who knows your order history intimately.

QUALITY: If you look closely at the quality of my artwork you will see that it includes a lot of detail that you do not get from some other companies. The price includes full body and background detail. My work is highly regarded - just read through some of the many 100s of letters and e-mails I receive from extremely happy customers.

TV, PRESS, NATIONAL SHOWS: I receive countless requests to attend national shows, functions, TV events etc. My artwork is highly regarded as being of top quality.
Q.: Do I get to see the caricature before you arrange for printing?
A.: Yes. When you place your order just ask to see a proof before printing commences.
Q.: How long does it take to deliver my caricature?
A.: This all depends on what you order. I can draw a caricature within 24 hours but if you require printing, canvas, framing etc then you need to allow a little extra time. Timescales will vary depending on the season and number of orders in e.g. it can be EXTREMELY busy as Christmas approaches. If you have a deadline then just contact me and I will always try to fit you in.
Q. I have a rush job...can you do it?
A: The answer is usually 'YES". Just contact me with your requirements and I will soon tell you how long it will take me to complete the work. I will guarantee that you will receive the artwork in time but cannot guarantee extras such as frames. For rush framed orders the print and frame will need to be sent separately.
Q.: I do not like paying online. Is there another method I can use?
A.: Paying online is safe and secure. Your payment is made through a secure server and I never ever see any payment details...I just receive a transfer into my bank. These other methods are also available:

- BANK TRANSFER: You can pay by bank transfer if you prefer...full details are provided on the payment pages.
- CHEQUE: Ensure you include postage.
- PAY AT BANK: pay over the counter at your local bank
- PAYPAL: using the online payment service...it is fast and secure
- INVOICE: I can send you an invoice.

Please note that in all cases artwork will not commence until payment has cleared.
Q.: Can you produce Black and White caricatures?
A.: The short answer is 'YES'. However, after years of experience, 99% of customers then ask for a full colour caricature once they see the impact that the full colour has...it is beautiful. If you want a line drawing then I can also do these. Please note there is a difference between B&W and lineart so please specify which you want when ordering. If unsure, just ask.
Q.: How much is a B&W caricature?
A.: The same as a colour caricature. The artwork process is exactly the same and I actually draw the caricatures in full colour before converting to B&W.
Q. What can I have drawn in the background?
A. Anything you want. If you require generic items then these are drawn as part of the cost of the caricature. If you require a specific car you own or a building you live in etc then additional fees may apply depending upon complexity. Just contact me if you are unsure.
Q.: How do you send the finished caricature?
A.: This depends on what has been ordered. All prints, canvas, mounted etc are carefully packaged in made-to-measure boxes. All items are sent via First Class, Special Delivery or courier, depending on what is ordered.
Q.: What is the difference between your caricatures and portraits?
A.: The CARICATURES are fun drawings with the typical big heads on small bodies and include background details that are personal and often humorous. They can be completed the same day.

The PORTRAITS are highly detailed commissions that take about 1 week or more to complete. I consider the portraits to be like going to a studio and sitting for hours in a particular pose...except in my case you do not need to. The painting process is almost exactly the same as that for conventional paints e.g. oil, acrylic etc except that I do not create a mess or have brushes to clean afterwards! The finest details are drawn, from the fine hairs on the face to the beautiful colour details in the eyes. These truly are exceptional pieces of art.
Q.: How much is postage?
A.: This depends on what has been ordered. Postage costs are clearly displayed on the page before payment is sent.
Q.: How do I send you the photos?
A.: Photos should be sent via e-mail as jpg images. Please send high resolution images and do not resize or amend in any way. Just send the original digital camera image.
Q.: What type of photo is required?
A.: I require a good quality head shot. I prefer to have a photo with the expression you want in the final caricature i.e. I draw to the photo sent.
Q.: What do I receive?
A.: This depends on what you ordered. Electronic copies are sent via e-mail. If you ordered a print then a professional lab print will be sent to you.
Q.: What type of paper do you use?
A.: All prints are produced on professional lab paper and printed by professional labs. You do NOT receive a cheap inkjet print.
Q.: What type of canvas do you use?
A.: The canvas is top quality archival (rated to 100 years) canvas designed to last for generations. It is acid-free matte that is recognised as the world's leading fine art canvas. It has been independently tested to meet the stringent specifications of the UK Fine Art Trade Guild.
Q.: How are the caricatures sent?
A.: Electronic versions are sent via e-mail. Printed caricatures are sent via standard mail. All prints are securely packaged. If you ordered a framed print then the print and frame are sent separately.
Q.: What is the difference between a caricature and a portrait?
A.: A caricature is drawn with a more 'cartoon' style. Portraits are extremely detailed. The best way to see the difference is to check out the many examples shown on the site. If you are unsure what to order then simply contact me and I will be happy to offer advice.
Q.: How do I pay?
A.: You can pay using PayPal or via the bank secure payment gateway using most credit and debit cards. You can also make a direct payment via bank transfer.
Q.: Am I limited to the themes on your website?
A.: No. You can specify anything you want to be included in the background.
Q.: What if I do not like what you produce?
A.: Simple. I will work until you are happy. Please note that if you require a redraw of the face because you were not happy with the photo you sent through (i.e. YOUR fault not mine) or you did not specify a facial feature correctly (e.g. eye colour) then this will attract a redraw fee and reprint and postage fee. Therefore, please ensure that you send through a photo that you are happy with and you describe the facial details and background details fully. If you do not specify background details such as clothing etc then I will just add whatever I think appropriate.
Q.: My caricature arrived and something is wrong with it.
A.: If the background is not as originally specified then I am happy to redraw it. If you changed your mind about something and did not advise me before printing then I am always happy to redraw for you but you will need to pay for the reprinting and postage. If extensive redraws are required as a result of YOUR fault then you will need to pay. If it is MY fault then this will be done free of charge. In the unlikely event that your caricature is damaged in the post then just let me know and keep ALL packaging.
Q.: My question is not listed here.
A.: Contact me with your question(s) and I will be happy to help.
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