I have the absolute pleasure to announce that, as well as caricatures, I also hand paint the highest quality portraits.

The portraits are highly detailed, right down to drawing each individual hair!

Once drawn and approved the portrait is produced to exceptionally high professional standards on canvas at either 12" x 18" or 20" x 30" by a professional lab and posted to you via Special Delivery or courier.

To order your portrait you MUST have a high quality image for me to work from.

Remember that these are HAND DRAWN, they are not photos. There are no scans made and no photo manipulation techniques...just pure hand drawn art.

The portraits take days to complete with meticulous attention to detail...right down to the fine hairs!

These portraits are truly stunning and will be a treasure hanging on your wall for generations to come.

Commission your very own piece of art today.

Hand Drawn Portrait,!

That is AMAZING!!!

Thank you, very very much!!!

Kind regards, one very pleased customer, until next time...


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Hand Drawn Portrait