Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Simply let me know the theme of the caricature and the background elements you require and I will be happy to produce a truly unique caricature for you.

Yes. Virtually any size up to about 1 metre can be produced without loss of quality.  I will need to know the dimensions of the required print before I commence drawing.

Good quality ones.  The better quality the photo then the better likeness I will be able to achieve.  Photos should be taken with a digital camera (some mobile phone photos are OK to use too) and sent to me at full size.

Payment can be made online at the time of ordering or you can pay via bank transfer.  I can also send you an invoice with a link to make online payment.  

Online payment methods include:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Yes. You will find examples in the gallery. I can either draw them as an additional ‘face’ within your main caricature or as a completely separate caricature i.e. a pet caricature.

Dog Caricature 173
Bambi rules

This all depends on what you order. I can draw a caricature within 24 hours but if you require printing, canvas, framing etc then you need to allow a little extra time. Timescales will vary depending on the season and number of orders in e.g. it can be EXTREMELY busy as Christmas approaches. If you have a deadline then just contact me and I will always try to fit you in.

The answer is usually ‘YES”. Just contact me with your requirements and I will soon tell you how long it will take me to complete the work. However, if you are researching a gift for the future then please ORDER EARLY. Demand for my work is extremely high and I regularly have to turn away orders because the client has left it too late!

No. You can specify anything you want to be included in the background.

Highly unlikely…but…I will work until you are happy. Please note that if you require a redraw of the face because you were not happy with the photo you sent through (i.e. YOUR fault not mine) or you did not specify a facial feature correctly (e.g. eye colour) then this will attract a redraw fee and reprint and postage fee. Therefore, please ensure that you send through a photo that you are happy with and you describe the facial details and background details fully. If you do not specify background details such as clothing etc then I will just add whatever I think appropriate.

From start to finish you deal with me directly…someone you can contact directly and who knows your order history intimately.

The likeness achieved is exceptional and the quality of the work is stunning. You will not find many caricature artists who produce work to this standard.

QUALITY: If you look closely at the quality of my artwork you will see that it includes a lot of detail that you do not get from some other companies. The price includes full body and background detail. My work is highly regarded – just read through some of the many 100s of letters and e-mails I receive from extremely happy customers.

TV, PRESS, NATIONAL SHOWS: I receive countless requests to attend national shows, functions, TV events etc. My artwork is highly regarded as being of top quality.

I have completed caricatures for some of the biggest companies in the world including: Qantas, Virgin, GE, Smiths, Tetley, McDonalds, Manchester Airport, Channel 4, Budweiser, Ernst & Young, and many more (still waiting to do one for Apple!).

Yes, I do.

In fact, that is how I started. My portraits are extremely detailed and take anywhere from 10 hours to over 100 hours depending on the complexity and, of course, the budget of the client.

I recently wrote a blog article about the various stages I go through when drawing a portrait. It makes interesting reading and there are images showing the various stages.

Portraits painted from your photos
Portrait of a Singer – STAGE 7


Hand Drawn Portraits
Hand Drawn Portraits

I have been fortunate to create some stunning portraits over the years.

They are especially popular as Christmas gifts.

If you intend on ordering a portrait rather than a caricature then please contact me early.  Leave at least 8 weeks for production of your portrait.

Line Dancing Caricature 22608

Can't find your question? Then feel free to ask below and I will get back to you.

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