Wedding Caricature



Wedding Caricature

Looking for a wedding gift with a difference. Be the talk of the wedding party when you present a unique wedding caricature.

  • all hand drawn
  • amazing likeness
  • top customer service


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Wedding caricatures capture a very special moment in time, and the prints will last a lifetime. Order your unique wedding caricature today.

This particular design was for a client who wanted to feature a BobCat earth mover and their dog. This clever and original wedding caricature is the result. Placing the bride on the bucket of the earth mover almost symbolises the carrying of the bride over the threshold.

Photos for your Unique Wedding Caricature

Once you have placed your order you will have the opportunity to send your photos to me. Try to find a photo of each person to be drawn. A good expression will make a huge difference.

If you would like some further advice then please refer to my photo quality page.

Your Unique Wedding Caricature Design

With a little imagination you can let me know what you would like designed. Or, if you are struggling for ideas, just let me have a little general detail and I will take care of the creative part.

It is always a good idea to make any caricature personal to the happy couple. Think of items that would be personal and relevant to them. Perhaps they are known for wearing something particular, having a beer or glass of wine, or perhaps they have travelled to some exotic locations (or are going to one for their honeymoon). As soon as you start to think of a few ideas it will not be long before you have quite a long list of things you would like to be included.

I have created 1000s of caricatures, many of them for newly married and long married couples. I am confident that a truly unique and stunning design will impress you and your friends and give you that ‘wow’ moment when you see it for the first time.

Order your unique wedding caricature today.


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Canvas Prints

A canvas print is a fantastic way to present your caricature commission.

The frames are 3 cm thick and come from sustainable wood sources.

Canvas Floating Frames

The floating frames are only available in the following sizes:

- 16" x 24"
- 24" x 36"

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