Casino Caricature



Casino Caricature

The facial expression in this casino caricature makes it special. Want something totally different?  A fully customised caricature can be designed specifically for you.


1 review for Casino Caricature

  1. John P

    Is it possible to change the background and add a Las Vegas sign?

    • Patrick Morrow

      Thank you for your question, John. Yes, a different background can be drawn. All caricatures that you see on my site can be fully customised to meet your needs. If you want something completely different then anything can be drawn to meet your specific needs. Just let me know what you want when ordering.

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Canvas Prints

A canvas print is a fantastic way to present your caricature commission.

The frames are 3 cm thick and come from sustainable wood sources.

Canvas Floating Frames

The floating frames are only available in the following sizes:

- 16" x 24"
- 24" x 36"

Can't find your question? Then feel free to ask below and I will get back to you.

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