18th Birthday Caricature



18th Birthday Caricature

Are you looking for an 18th birthday caricature gift with a difference? Order your own fully customised 18th birthday caricature hand drawn from your photos. This gift will capture a moment in time for generations to come.

  • all hand drawn
  • amazing likeness
  • top customer service


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Are you looking for an 18th birthday caricature? That’s why you are here, right?

Perhaps you are looking for a unique gift for a family member or a friend celebrating an 18th birthday?

Are you looking for an ideal and unique gift?

Caricatures make unique gifts.  You might be thinking about buying funny coloured socks, an obligatory key to the door, or some other throw away gift. Clients can commission an 18th birthday caricature that will capture a moment in time and celebrate the person and the things for which they are known.

When you decide to order an 18th birthday caricature you should think about the things that make the person unique. What are the items that you will include in the caricature? Does the person have any funny quirks? What hobbies and interests do they have?  The more detail that you can include in the caricature then the more unique your commission will be.

Many clients order the 18th birthday caricature and use it for birthday invitations or on large birthday banners. Once the artwork has been designed it will be sent to you as a high resolution jpg image so that you can confirm everything is OK with the caricature. Once confirmed, the artwork will be sent for professional printing.

If you would like a completely finished product that is ready to hang then I high recommend the canvas print. If you want to go that extra step and your budget will allow then go for the floating frame as well. This completed piece of art is simply stunning.

Remember that you can fully customise your own 18th birthday caricature. You can specify such things as:

  • clothing
  • background scene
  • colours
  • include meaningful objects
  • hobbies and interests


Photos for your 18th Birthday Caricature

It is better for me to have too many photos rather than not enough. However, I usually work from a single high resolution photo.

The photo should be good quality and the person should have a good expression.

Feel free to send over the photos for me to check. I will never commence a caricature until I am happy with the photos.

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask.



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Canvas Prints

A canvas print is a fantastic way to present your caricature commission.

The frames are 3 cm thick and come from sustainable wood sources.

Canvas Floating Frames

The floating frames are only available in the following sizes:

- 16" x 24"
- 24" x 36"

Can't find your question? Then feel free to ask below and I will get back to you.

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