Caricatures and Ordering Early

June turned out to be an incredibly busy month, and it looks like July will be the same.  Sadly, I had to turn away some customers who had left their orders until the last minute and I was unable to accommodate them before their deadline.  So, the moral of this brief introduction is: ORDER EARLY!

I am always amazed by the details in some of the descriptions customers write.  Some are very brief and say things like: “you are the artist so I leave it in your capable hands”.  Others, like to have more control and write every little detail.  I even receive some rather amusing sketches like this one:

Customers Caricature Sketch

Although I will not be offering a job as a backup artist to this client, I do appreciate her efforts in communicating her ideas.  It is always best to provide more detail if you have a specific vision in mind.

Even though the majority of my work is caricatures and portraits, I do receive commissions for other projects such as website designs, tattoo designs (just the artwork…I would not attempt to tattoo anyone!!), cartoons, and even product labels such as this one for a beer bottle.  The customer, again, provided a quick sketch:

Wardles Whistle Wetter

In the background the customer wanted a pencil sketch background.  The main character was to be in full colour.  This is the end result:

Wardles Whistle Wetter Beer Bottle Caricature 22492b

Caricature Designs in June

As stated above, June was an incredibly busy month.  It was an absolute pleasure to be able to work on client caricatures and to also work on some large company commissions too.

Perhaps it was the fact that June tends to be a very busy month for wedding caricatures.  Whatever the reason, it certainly has been a pleasure being able to produce so many new designs.

Below is just a very small sample of the many 100s of wedding caricatures created over the years.


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