About Me

My name is Patrick Morrow and I am the owner of DrawMe.co.uk.

Ever since I was a child I have had a passion for creativity, technology, and art.  Many years later and that same creative passion is still very strong.

I love to create hyper-realistic artwork and this has extended to producing caricatures with amazing likeness.  Whenever I get chance I still love to produce highly detailed portraits and have been privileged to complete portrait commissions for clients.

The caricatures I produce are known worldwide for their amazing likeness and attention to detail.  As a result I have had opportunities to work with 1000s of clients including famous celebrities and some of the biggest companies in the world.

I find that I am always busy with artwork of one form or another and hence free time can seem to disappear.  I believe it is important in life to make time for friends and family.  Over the past few months I have been training for an IronMan race and find that the physical release of exercise helps my creativity.

If you would like to discuss your own caricature commission then please feel free to contact me.  I am always happy to offer advice without high pressure sales tactics.

Caricature Themes

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